Desktop Encryption

In order to help departments comply with applicable privacy legislation, I+TS offers the University of Toronto IT community a full disk encryption solution. Full disk encryption encrypts all of the data on your hard drive in a single, initial pass called 'conversion' and once this conversion is complete, all subsequent encryption and decryption operations are transparent to the user. Full disk encryption is widely regarded as the best practice for ensuring the confidentiality of data-at-rest because it protects every file and all the data that is saved on your disk. This includes operating system files, temporary data, recycled files and the Windows registry; even the paging and hibernation files are encrypted.

I+TS has reviewed three different full disk encryption solutions, and the pages that follow should help you make a decision about which is best suited to your environment. To get started, you will need to determine which computers in your department must be encrypted because they store confidential information.